What is EMI Shielding and Why is it Important for Your Design?

What is EMI Shielding and Why is it Important for Your Design

What is EMI Shielding and Why is it Important for Your Design?

An EMI shield is a metal housing or structure that blocks electromagnetic fields from radiating and coupling into other circuits and systems. EMI shields protect electrical/electronic devices from external radiation that can interfere with sensitive circuits and cause operation failures, loss of data and system malfunctions.

EMI shielding can come in many forms and metal compositions. Common types are box structures, gaskets, plates, conduits, honeycomb vents and braids. The most common materials are steel, aluminum and copper. However, specialty materials can be used in severe low frequency magnetic environments. Gaskets are used to bridge metal surfaces, such as lids on a housing or cabinet. This is to ensure continuous metal-metal contact across the entire length of the seam. Typical materials are metal mesh, conductive elastomer and beryllium copper. Braids are used for cable and wire shielding and are usually composed of plated steel or copper. Honeycomb vents provide superior shielding for cabinet access and air ventilation apertures and are designed as waveguides beyond cutoff.

Identifying the right shield for a specific equipment requires an in-depth knowledge of materials, end use environment and the culprit noise generators. help to decide which EMI shielding is best for your application environment. For this, you can contact the experts of Premier Filters – the designer and manufacturer of AC/DC EMI filters. Our high-quality products are used in different application environments such as military, commercial and industrial applications. Our in-house engineering and design expertise provide custom EMI solution to ensure that your equipment is catering to the industry-standard requirements.

At Premier Filters, we bring over 35 years of design experience and knowledge in EMI/EMC. We can assist in defining an equipment’s shield design to support compliance to international standards.  Coupled with our full range of AC and DC power line filters and unlimited custom capability, Premier delivers the right solution on time and on budget. To know more about our EMI filter solutions, email us at info@premieremc.com.

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